About Spring Thing

A lifetime of extreme and aggressive athletic activity had left Dr. Pamela Fowers with limited mobility and chronic, nagging muscle and joint pain.

As a chiropractor, she knew many of the techniques, gadgets, exercises and therapies available, and although these helped, none of them truly relieved her discomfort.

“Most devices couldn’t get to the exact spot in my shoulder that needed release,” she recalls. “One day my trainer attached a spring to a pencil and I immediately felt the connection to the root of the problem. We knew we were onto something.”

After some engineering and several prototypes, Spring Thing was born.  

"I began to use it on my patients, and their relief was shocking for things I hadn't thought of using it for."   

Spring Thing has been through various design modifications to ensure maximum effectiveness, ease of use and convenience.

The response has been overwhelming. After a Kickstarter campaign was quickly funded, larger scale production began.

It’s the spring action that sets Spring Thing apart from other self-massage and pressure point devices.  "The spring allows you to have complete control over the amount of pressure exerted on your muscle,” says Dr. Fowers. 

As you compress the spring, the tension increases, allowing you to exert a firm but flexible pressure with very little effort. Part of the problem with a lot of self-massage devices is that in order to exert enough pressure to really get into the muscle, you have to tense the part of your body that is working the device. The spring in Spring Thing maximizes your efforts, making self-treatment easy and effortless. "The ease of use and precision combine to make Spring Thing the most effective self-massage device I've seen," says Dr. Fowers

And patients agree. “It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how effective Spring Thing has been for my patients and other users,” says Dr. Fowers. “No one wants to live with chronic pain. And now, thanks to Spring Thing many people don’t have to."